Jessica Cuni
Special Projects2012-20162010-20122006-20092002-2005Tangential
My investigations focus on the relationship between the micro and macro scales of the natural world. The inherent, perceivable harmony of a system exudes a beautiful quiet that I seek to both capture and experience. I seek the spaces that science continually helps us visualize, spaces previously outside the realm of our observational capabilities.

I incorporate this imagery in my work in order to simultaneously witness and document my evolving understanding of our human relationship to these realms. Organic patterns that link microbial colonies, human cities, and celestial bodies emerge in my work, as the slow, cumulative processes I use mimic the growth, change, and evolution of observed systems.

Although an observer can anthropomorphize the subjects, my work also attempts to act as a counterpoint to complicated social organizations. For me, balance and harmony of human systems seems much more elusive. I prefer to meditate instead on the large and the small, trusting that I will find humanity somewhere in between.